About us

Vilnius car mechanics and business school (acronym VAVM) is  a vocational training institution. VAVM started its activities in 1965. The legal form of the institution is a public institution owned by the Republic of Lithuania. The rights and obligations of the owner of the institution are implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania.

The main purpose of the institution is to provide secondary education, formal initial, continuous vocational and non-formal vocational training. Training is carried out in accordance with secondary and vocational education programs, and documents validating qualifications and learning achievements are issued. Language of instruction is Lithuanian.

Forms of vocational training organization:

  • school form of vocational training;
  • apprenticeship form of vocational training.

Vilnius car mechanics and business school has a Bukiškės branch, established in 2015, at the address – Mokyklos str. 1, Bukiškio village, Avižienių sen., Vilnius district. At the Bukiškės branch, training is provided in accordance with formal initial, continuous and non-formal vocational training programs.

The rich technical base of the school: well-equipped sewing, clothing design, locksmith, car maintenance and repair workshops, traffic rules, car equipment and general education training rooms, modern information technology and multimedia classes.

We dedicate 70% of the teaching time of the program to the acquisition of practical skills in the Sectoral Practical Training Center.

Graduates successfully work in various companies, set up their own businesses, others continue their education in colleges and universities.

The school has a students‘ dormitory at Geležinio Vilko str. 14, Vilnius.

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